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    Our company  installed first Underfloor Heating System in İzmir .Underfloor Heating Systems are the most efficient ,  trusted and healty heating system . In Underfloor Heating Systems all ground is going to be heated , so your foot and lower areas are going to be warm  .Because of the equal heating on the ground , heaters (heat pumps boilers ....etc ) are going to work on  lower degrees  . With this you are going to have economical and healty heating .  Underfloor heating systems are more efficient than radiators.


     Fan-Coils are heaters to heat areas ,  like radiators but there is a fan inside it . You can use Fan-Coils for heating and also for cooling . Heaters ( Heat pump ,..etc ) pump warm water to Fan-Coils and  circulates warm water inside it then fans inside Fan-Coils transfers heat to house by air .  It feels like Air conditioner heating and cooling but Fan-Coils are more healtier , and air is more breathable 



   Heat Pumps does heat transfer from cold areas to warm areas .It can gain heating from a source like Air , Water or Ground  .You can use Heat Pumps on Houses , Hotels and Offices heating , pool heating and water heating .Heat Pumps produce heat by heat transfer because of this it spends % 75 lower electricity  than electric heaters .You can also do cooling in your house with Heat Pumps .  Heat Pumps efficiency measured by COP value .Every Heat Pumps has different COP value.  




      We can use Sun Energy Systems for water heating ,  pool heating , and also to support house heating . Because of the geographical position of İzmir, we can also have hot water on winter. Sun Energy Systems are divided to two parts closed circled Systems and open circled Systems . Our company installs Sun Energy Systems with water tanks , copper pipes and they have long life , they are guaranteed  .


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